Antigua - by Tommy Clarke: Nelson's Dockyard

22 April - 24 June 2016

This new series of work by British photographer Tommy Clarke features some of Antigua’s most iconic landscapes and beaches as never seen before, transcending the mundane tourism image into one of fine art. Taking us off the beaches and into the skies, Cades Reef and Half Moon Bay are transformed into dramatic abstract works, whilst unsuspecting beach goers and snorkelers are reduced to dots within sprawling landscapes. Brightly coloured umbrellas punctuate bright white sands and tennis courts become geometric delights.

This exhibition shows off Antigua’s natural beauty in an unprecedented way, and successfully reconnects humanity to the landscape.

Daredevil photographer Tommy has become well known for his unusual working methods, including hanging out the side of a helicopter to capture these extraordinary images directly from above. “These days with the prevalence of drones in aerial photography, I seem to be in the old guard by hiring helicopters and taking the door off, harnessing myself in and then hanging out - I doubt flying a remote controlled drone is quite as exhilarating!“